About Us

The Xo Diana Collection, named after CEO Ashley Diana , was created in Fall of 2020 for Boss Babes who want to look and feel their best without breaking the bank. We are a brand with affordable luxury pieces for the everyday Boss Babe. 

Our mission is to make good quality jewelry and accessories affordable and accessible. All of our jewelry items are sterling silver, rhodium plated, 14K gold plated and/or gold plated brass and are made to last! Our accessories are made of durable, long lasting material that will always look just as good as the day you bought them. 

We believe that all women should own jewelry and accessories that makes them look and feel like the bosses they are. 

Our Boss Babes are the sassy, sophisticated fashionista friend who loves to step out and look their best. They're always the talk of the crowd because they always make a statement through their luxurious accessories. 

This is jewelry and accessories for the everyday Boss Babe, is that you?


XoXo, Diana