Mommy [1] | COVID-19 [0]: Staying Sane During a Pandemic

It's been almost 3 months of social distancing and daycare/school closures. I've been dealing with non-stop crying and tantrums, never-ending adjustments, home schooling and potty training trails. I need a break! The kids need fresh air. But I'm too worried to have them out with everything thats going on......WHEW! I am tired to say the least.

Now add in my never-ending entrepreneurial and my own toxic "no days off" work habits. Can you say, S T R E S S E D?!

While these months have been tough, I've definitely learned a thing or two about self care and mental health.

First things first, let get rid of this myth:


In fact, its quite the opposite. The most successful entrepreneurs treat their businesses/brands like a typical 9-5.

Do you know what that means?! 

How can one be successful in anything if you're not taking care of yourself? Especially during a time like this! We all need to make sure that we're taking that mental break because if you don't , you'll be heading down the wrong path and will literally drive yourself crazy.

Which brings me here to this blog post- Staying Sane During COVIF-19. My Self Care Tips

This is actually new to me as well- something I've only been doing since early October of last year. But when I tell you I've never been this close to stress- free in my life, I mean that! These tips/habits have been fueling my good days but most importantly, it's been keeping me from sinking too low on my worst days and keep me feeling like myself! Something that is super easy to do during a time like this- with everything being closed and not having nay outlets.

​So if you're at that point & you're not taking care of yourself like you should, you may need a change in your current self-care habits- hopefully my tips will give you ideas for what you can begin doing to show yourself that you love yourself! Check it out:

Go to bed...the end lol. Give yourself a break from working from home, working with the kids then staying up late and working even more. How do you expect to produce greatness if you're running on fumes? You can't. So give yourself time to sleep. You deserve it.

Whether you're an entrepreneur or overachieving employee working from need to establish boundaries. That could be turning your work phone off after hours and NOT picking them up unless it is a life or death emergency. Here's my rule of thumb- If it can wait until the morning, let it wait until the morning. Also, I'll typically leave email notifications up but forward all calls to voicemail. This way if I get any requests, I can assess the severity of it on my own and only respond if its an emergency instead of answering a call and being convinced into working outside of your office hours. 

& better yet, YOU DON'T HAVE TO! Learn how to say "no". Honestly, I feel like I've gained more respect by having boundaries and saying no instead of being a yes woman. We're all going through alot right right now, the last thing we need to be doing is overextending ourselves. Its better to be upfront and honest; whether you don't want to do it or you really don't have to time/energy to do it, a simply "I don't have the capacity to do 'XYZ' but I can -insert alternate solution" will have to do.

​Know you boundaries!

Whether its scheduling a well needed massage session at home with your significant other or a relaxing at-home pamper session, you need it! I would say give yourself time once a week (twice a month for massages or a weekly at-home session). Heres my at-home self care routine.

1. Baby-free quietness 2. Dim the lights 3. Light Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean, 3-wick candles 4. Pour Chandon California Brut Rose Champagne 5. Put on my fluffy, red Victoria Secret Robe 6. Prepare the Charcoal mask using Scratch Goods products:       - Charcoal Mask        - Jasmine Rose Skin Drink       - Jasmine Rose Rolling Oil  **Wet and steam a cotton towel (Charcoal is very easy to wash out so don't worry about the black residue)** 7. Moisturize using Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer 8. Take some time to meditate (10-15min).  Sit in complete silence, Indian style of the floor or flat on your stomach/back. The key to meditation is to center your thoughts and focus on breathing.  I also love to turn on a good Erykah Badu and Jhene Aiko playlist to relax.  ​

IDK about you guys but nothing warms my heart more than to take myself out for my favorite food or cook my favorite food- chicken tacos or cajun pasta are my go-to. Most often I'm cooking dishes that my daughter will for sure eat or throwing something together that is super quick and easy during my busy weekday. & those nights of cooking always involve me chasing my daughter around and trying to keep her occupied and out the kitchen. I don't get alot of times where I'm by myself and cooking for myself so when I set aside that time for self-care, this part is important for me!

That's just it. Turn it off! There's so much going on in the world right now, social media can be very depressing and stressful to look at. Dont Not Disturb or completely off. I'll typically leave mine on vibrate or DND, only because most times my daughter will be with a relative and I have to make sure I'm accessible if they call..but other than that, everyone else gets ignored for a few hours LOL. ​This isn't just for talking to people though, this goes for social media as well. For me, social media is a huge factor in my work life. I blog. I market events. I maintain client relations. I manage social media accounts. Its so very tiring at time, which is why this step is vital for me. Looking at my computer or phone screen for long periods of time definitely takes a toll on my physical and mental, so a break is very much needed!

My last tip for today is to SPIT. IT .OUT! What I mean is that it's super important to talk about it. Whatever "it" is- stresses, anxieties, failures,...whatever chip is on your shoulder- let it out! Talk to a friend, significant other, family member- hell talk to a stranger if you need to. One thing I do know is that letting your stresses consume you is never a good idea. Plus, you never know what others are going through as well, you just might help another person crawl out of their stress shell. 

Self care isn't just something I do when I'm stressed, it's something I've learned to practice everyday. Now, I dont have time to sit and get facials and massages everyday (I WISH I DID LOL) BUT I do have a few minutes everyday to check in with myself. Stopping yourself for 10 minutes and assessing your day or taking a few minutes to close your eyes and breathe, goes a long way. Self care has truly changed how I experience the many stresses of the world. Instead of letting my stresses consume me, I acknowledge it, look it right in the eye and say"Look man, not today!" LOL. Once you start to take time to love on yourself, I promise you things start to get a litter easier. 

Now stop reading this blog on how you're supposed to self love and just go do it!

Don't forget to comment, like and share! Let me know what your self-care routines are!