Branding On a BUDGET! Here's How

So you’ve spent forever contemplating and organizing your clothing line and now you’re wondering how to turn your dreams into a reality – a professional [OR PROFESSIONAL LOOKING lol] brand campaign. The biggest pillar to a successful brand campaign is your Photoshoot! This is what you will use for majority of your advertisements, website, email campaigns, etc. And.....lets face it, high-end pictures and creative branding is crucial for potential customers when they can't try on your clothes or use your services right away!

Let me help!

Here's some steps on how I mastered my Blog Launch and Online Boss Babe Shop

Normally I would suggest using your current customers, if you are already an establish brand and are launching a new service or product. BUT- if you're a new brand, like I am, and don't have any previous customers the order extra merchandise for you models! This is going to save you so much money and afterall, you were going to be ordering those sizes anyways, right?