5 Keys to Mompreneur Productivity

So you guys don't see me crying real tears and having mental breakdowns on a daily?

Great! =)

First things first, being a mother is full-time job!

Once you have a little mini-me, she/he becomes your entire world. You're now just focused on the well being of your child. Everything else just falls by the wayside. The end.

SO where exactly does your business/brand fit into all of this? More importantly, is there a such thing a finding the right balance?

I know you guys hear me throw the word "balance" around SO much and that is because it is very important and is actually one of my biggest success factors.

The reality is this: finding your balance between home and your business/brand is a beyond difficult..... and that is an understatement! While it can be done, and very well at that, there are a few key things to know that will help you not feel SO overwhelmed in the process.

This is something I cannot stress enough. So no, I'm not as perfect as I look (lol) I don't always get up and get started early BUT a good 90% of the time I do. I will say, those days I decided to sleep in a little later or wait until Aj gets up- I regretted it.

Being up before the kids are up just puts you ahead for the day. Get up and get organized for the day. Set out everything you'll need to make your day run smoothly and everything the kiddies will need....again, to make your day run smoothly. I've made it a habit to check emails early in the morning and prepare my daily to-do list in coordination with Aj's needs. This way, once she is up, I am able to move more strategically as opposed to just going with the flow and getting work done as I get breaks.

I also take this time to complete tasks that require my full attention- something that's hard to do when she's awake.

Pretty self explanatory, right?

As moms, we always feel the need to do everything- and sometimes in one single day. Get rid of that ideology or else you're going to create a very stressful Mompreneur Journey for yourself. Trust me, I've been there!

Instead of focusing on everything that needs to get done, focus on what you have time for. Put those tasks/projects with deadlines at the forefront of your list, everything else flows behind and are only added if you have time.

Be realistic!

Remember, Rome wasn't built in one day!

I won't type up a complete list of Self-Care tips, we'll save those for our Self Car Sunday on Instagram! =)

Define what weekly self-care means for you and make sure you do it! This doesn't mean you need to go out and have a massage and facial every other day- remember, we're being realistic here! Think of your weekly self-care as little lunch breaks throughout your week. A few minutes here and there to refocus your energy and breath!

I treat mompreneur-ship like my regular 9-5PM.

I set work hours. I have off days every week. I take lunch breaks.

All of this is necessary and key to remaining productive, even on your most stressful weeks!

This really isn't possible for me because my daughter is only 2, lol. But, my bonus baby definitely comes in handy some days! My BFs son is 9yo- perfect age to use for help! Especially with him, everything is a competition so I use that to my advantage and turn my no-so-fun tasks into competitive games for him (packing mailers, stamping stuff, holding the ring light, carrying boxes, etc) .

Teach the kiddies the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and before you know it, you'll be working for them!

OMG! I cannot stress how much this has helped me focus and get multiple tasks completed in a decent amount of time.

I am perfectionist in every definition of the word lol BUT I am also very competitive. I set timers for each tasks, not allowing myself to spend too much time on one thing. The competitive side in me loves to race the clock and get tasks completed before my time runs out.

See what I did there? ;)

Timers are a GREAT tool to use for the kids as well. For example- "How fast do you think you can put your toys away?!" While they're racing the clock, you can be completing a task- something simple like sending an email or invoice. It helps to keep you and them on track!

Moral of the story, we all want to be as productive as possible. But sometimes our kids needs, procrastination and laziness get the better of us! If you're feeling like there's not enough time in the day to complete your to-do list, it may be time for you to take advantage of these tips!