5 Black & Bi-Racial YouTube Kids You Should Know!

Hey Boss Babes,

With everything going on, our little Boss Baby (Avery) has been watching a lot of YouTube and playing with her iPad. With me working from home and my bonus baby (Jo Jo, my BF's son) learning remotely, its kind of hard multitasking and getting work done with a little two year old running around. YouTube kids ….and Disney+ are LIFE SAVERS.

So...here's my issue. There are so many great Youtube Kids channels BUT a great majority of them are Asian and White. Though this is not a huge issues, especially since my daughter is mixed with White. However, I definitely wanted to incorporate mixed race and black kids youtubers in her playlist. Why? We all know that- whether done intentionally or unintentionally- portrayals of minorities in the media not only affect how others see them, but it affects how they see themselves. This can have a major impact on a child's self esteem. My goal is to make sure Aj is able to see both of her races represented on her screen, and in a positive light.

Alright....the concludes my Ted Talk :)

Seriously though, for awhile I thought I was the only one who had a problem with not finding black and bi-racial kids and families on Youtube. Come to find out, quite a few people who follow me and some of my friends were having the same issues! So I decided to create this list for all my mom looking to find some diversity and on screen representation on your kiddos playlists.

Enjoy and definitely comment some channels you know that are not listed!

I absolutely love this woman! Disclaimer: I started watching the YouTube she had with her kids father when they were The Nive Nulls. Her and her child's father divorces a few years ago and she turned the YouTube into her personal channel. I love for Aj to see other parents who aren't together but are co parenting- since me and her dad aren't together.

XoNorieo is super adorable, she reminds me of my niece :) This a fun channel for kids! She does fun activities and reviews of things like slime, gardening, sports, challenges, etc.

Onyx Kids are four siblings who love to have adventures and get into funny situations. They record little funny skits as well, Aj loves them! Check out their books “Getting to Know Onyx Kids” and “Onyx Kids School Days” series at Amazon.com! Also check out their merch at onyxlifestyles.com or Amazon.com!

If you are looking to relate to a young mixed family on YouTube, TheBells PlusTwo is the right YouTube channel for you. Uriah and Marsai, a beautiful interracial couple, and their daughter Mariah are the stars of the show. TheBells PlusTwo is their main channel but this channel is specifically for their daughters. They're super adorable and fun!

CraterFamTV features an amazing couple: Mona, a Ghanaian American woman, and Ricky, a Mexican American man, and their mixed son, Zaid. CraterFamTV features daily vlogs, tags and challenges. They even have a series of videos that document real-life arguments that they have had that many couples experience as well. They have brought up very interesting mixed family topics and questions in their vlogs such as how it is to raise mixed children in the US.

This is a great place for children, parents, and others to come and have some entertainment. This channel is filled with comedy, education shows, and special activities.

GabeBabeTV features, Gabe and Babe, a black and white couple, and their young mixed race son. They discuss topics like doing mixed children’s hair, parenting, interracial relationships, and family and career. They also have “Foodie Files” where they talk about their NatureBox snacks, pregnancy and postpartum vlogs, and tag/challenge videos where they sometimes do challenges with other YouTube personalities. If you are looking for a mixed family YouTube channel with a lot of diverse videos that are organized very well, GabeBabeTV is the mixed family vlog for you.