10 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Me

Happy Friday Folks!

I hope you're enjoying this beautiful day so far. I'm in a pretty great mood and thought I'd release some fun stuff to kick start the weekend!

SO, I'm pretty transparent... or am I? ;) I post a lot and let you guys in on my lifestyle pretty often BUT there's definitely a good bunch of things you guys probably didn't know about me. I'm such a nerd but I thoroughly enjoy icebreakers (I guess that could have been my 1 thing LOL) But stuff like this really entertains me and a spent some time putting a lot of thought into this.

Here's the catch (I wouldn't be Ashley if I didn't change things up a bit):

I'm going to list 9 things that are TRUE and 1 thing that is FALSE. It's up to YOU to figure out which one is a lie. I'll eventually post on Instagram which one is the lie but for now, let's just have fun with it!

Let's see who really knows me!

Yup, that's right. Your favorite diva is the baby of the family, you never would've guessed it right?!

& for all my astrology junkies- both of my sisters, their kids and my daughter (3 boys, 2 girls) are Tauruses (& 1 Gemini but we really just consider him a later Taurus LOL)

Their birthdays are literally weeks after each other. During this quarantine, I became a pro with Zoom Meetings and virtual celebrations.

I really hate saying stuff like this because it makes me feel old LOL. But yes, Ash Loves the Kids!

And when I was just as sassy as Fran!

True Story: I interviewed for a position with a family and the wife straight up told me

"I love you but I can't have your cute self prancing around my husband *awkward laugh*"

Sounded like a personal problem to me.

I'm actually am still friends with her to Facebook....they're no longer married. Needless to say, I wasn't the issue.


Yes, I was a FT nanny: school pickup/drop-offs, after school activities (including weekends), homework help, lunch/dinner prepare-er, bath time routines, etc. It may sound like a lot of work because....IT WAS. BUT I really do enjoy working with kids and it paid well. Would I do it now, absolutely not! Especially now that I have my old child lol that would just be too much work. & If I'm spending the amount of time I was spending back then with any child today, it just has to be with my own child or my bonus baby (My BFs son)

& ya girl is pushing for her 3rd by next year!

If you know me, you know I ran track in high school- never sprints though- mainly distance

BUT I've had the ability to run long distances. I just chose not to LOL. As I got older, I had a thing for challenging myself and viola....I pushed myself right into marathon training. I'm here to tell you guys that you literally can do whatever it is you put your mind to.

YOU and your own DOUBT is the only thing standing in between your goal.

But I'm also semi scared of the dark. Not sure how that works

It is very true though.

I sit and obsess over murder cases (Snapped, First 48, Kids Behind Bars, etc) I frequently look through the unidentified bodies gallery on the ME's website. My Reddit search history is just, yeah. I watch medical examiner documentaries and autopsy videos when I'm bored......need I continue?

I've honestly considered going back to school to get Associate Degree in Mortuary Science and if you know me, you know it HATED school lol so that definitely says a lot about my obsession.

& honestly I plan on keeping it that way.

I'm sorry guys, I just don't like it. And I'm going to leave it at that before I start disrespecting someones granny's recipe lol

Now, I've had some greens that were BOMB but it's just a personal preference.

& guess what......

I HATED those standardized test and I am so happy they removed that BS from being a college requirement so my daughter doesn't have to go through what I did. Guys, I legit felt like I had a learning disability! Those scores ate at my self esteem until I finally realized that I just have major test taking anxiety. DASSIT!

So if you're reading this (especially my high school-ers!)

& you feel like you're not smart enough to go to college or to go chase after your dreams. YOU'RE WRONG!

You are very smart and you are more than capable. Do YOUR best and that is all that matters.

I really do guys. I'm more of a audio book or podcast listener. The way my brain is setup.....I honestly just can't focus on text for too long. My mind will st

art to wonder and before you know it I'm 30 pages deep and have no clue WTF I just read BUT I'll have my 30th birthday planned out and know what I'm going to name my 4th child LOL

I'm that random...

My boyfriend and a few of my friends actually found this out this past weekend! Lol

I'm VERY competitive and don't really lose at what I know I'm good at. So when I do lose:

1. I'm butt hurt LMAO

2. I'm training until I win again.

So be on the lookout for that spades rematch. I'm coming for Y'ALL!

I'm that one FT mompreneur, blogger, event coordinator, content creator, and all-around busy person who doesn't drink coffee.

I hate the smell

I absolutely hate the taste- even those sugary frappuccinos (I even had to google how to spell it. That's how much it's never on my mind! LOL)

I was always told that ("Oh once you go to college, you'll start drinking it"). Did that, still

didn't drink it. Then it was ("Oh once you get started in your career, you'll start drinking it"). I'm here, still nothing! Next was ("Oh once you have kids, you'll NEED it"). That I do, but I still don't drink coffee =)

So how do I keep my energy up, you ask? SLEEP! If you know me, you know I love

my Zzzz's and you better not interrupt me which I'm catching them or you'll see a real mean side of Ashley. My man will tell you

Exercising also helps me & I'm a faithful tea drinker. The caffeine in tea along can keep me up for hours. & it taste better!

The end!

Now you know everything there is to know about me. We're family now!

Let's keep this thing moving and have some fun! I'm going to nominate a couple dope bloggers I love to join in on the fun! Ladies, it's your turn!


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